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The Fastest Way to Diligently Screen Resumes

Endorsed is your AI recruiting assistant that finds top applicants in your ATS. Increase quality + speed of hires & save up to 3 hours per 100 applicants.
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AI Ranking

Instantly see top applicants

No more screening 100+ resumes before finding one to interview. Endorsed finds the best applicants so you can schedule interviews before your competition.

Close top applicants
Be more competitive closing top applicants by seeing them at the top of the list and advancing them first.
Save time reviewing the bottom 90%
Avoid reviewing in detail applicants who are clearly bad fits.

AI Evaluations

Your new AI recruiting assistant

No black box algorithms. You train the AI just like you would another recruiter -- by instructing them in plain english.

AI Evaluation
Evaluate anything from years of experience, to whether they worked at a similar company or were likely to do similar work.
Human-Level Quality
Endorsed is tuned for accuracy above all else so you can trust that the AI follows your instructions to a tee.
Evaluation Reasoning
Get explanations of the AI's reasoning on why candidates met or didn't meet each criterion.
Prevent Human Error
Endorsed's AI is a domain expert in every industry, so your team will catch nuances they may otherwise miss.
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Founded by engineers with deep recruiting experience

Headquartered in San Francisco, we’re founded by engineers from Y Combinator, LinkedIn, Apple, and Life360.

Over the years we've led teams building multiple professional search and profile features, along with collectively hiring over 70 direct reports.
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What our users have to say

“We receive thousands of candidates every week across different cos, and Endorsed is literally like having a dedicated recruiter who can do the initial screening.”

Jeremy Cai
Jeremy Cai
Founder & CEO, Italic

“Before Endorsed, I couldn't stay on top of the thousands of job applications we got. Now I spend a few minutes a day and know top candidates don't slip through the cracks.”

Albert Gozzi
Albert Gozzi
Co-founder & CEO, Aleph

“Endorsed.ai was critical at GPTZero in helping us sift through today’s AI-driven flood of applications, helping us identify the top talent 5x faster.”

Alex Cui
Alex Cui
Co-founder & CTO, GPTZero

“Our integration with @endorsed_ai just cut back my typical sourcing & outreach flow from 2+ hours to less than 30 minutes.”

Morgan Stone
Morgan Stone
Co-founder & CEO, Seekr

“After spending 12+ years in the recruiting/staffing industry I honestly wish I had this tool when I was managing my recruiting teams.”

Taylor Desseyn
Taylor Desseyn
Former Managing Director, Vaco

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